2018 Fifa world cup 32 Teams List

Fifa world cup 2018 teams list: 2018 world cup in Russia there will play 32 teams. The next world cup in Qatar there is trying to arrange 48 teams fifa world cup tournament. But, Russia world cup 2018 there number of teams are selected. 2018 fifa world cup there will 32 football teams are participating.

2018 Russia world cup schedule set 14 June to 15 July. The fifa tournament will 1 month long. The tournament play 12 venues across Russia.

Fifa world cup 2018 Teams list

  1. Russia
  2. Brazil

Russia is host country of 2018 fifa world cup. So, Russia team automatically qualify for fifa world cup 2018. Other 31 team are playing qualifiers for qualification 2018 world cup.

In 7 confederation 32 team get chance to play fifa world cup. Fifa every tournament host team is automatic qualify. Now 7 confederation teams are fight for get Russia ticket.

Brazil is 1st team who qualify for 2018 fifa world cup. They qualify to play the confederation in Conmebol. Fifa qualification in Conmebol confederationwhere 4 teams has get chance to play fifa word cup. However, Brazil team firstly certain themeself to go 2018 Russia world cup.





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