Fifa World Cup 2018 Group-By-Analysis

2018 FIFA world cup groups conform after held the draw on 1 December 2017 in Moscow’s Kremlin State Palace. FIFA that a balanced group drawn for an upcoming world cup. The kick-off match played between host Russia vs Saudi Arabia. The game will start on 4 June and end 15 July.

2018 world cup groups
FIFA world cup groups 2018

Group A: Russia, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia And Egypt

The host team Russia is in group A. If Russia played well they have clear chance to qualify for next round. After Uruguay, Russia is the second strong team in this group. Anyway, they will get the host support in their viewers in filed.

Uruguay is the hot favorite in this group. The have record for win Fifa world cup. It will be an easy group for Uruguay to qualified round 16.

The Asia’s Saudi Arabia is the weakest team in this group. They have played really well in a field to go the next.

Egypt will face a difficult challenge to go the round 16. Their main opponent will be Russia.

Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco And Iran

Portugal and Spain both equally strong team in group B. Their match will an interesting game for football lover and the wining team have a great chance to be champion. Spain is 2010 world cup champion and Portugal is defending European champion.

With two strong teams don’t forget Morocco’s ability. If the two heavyweight teams slipped their place and Morocco played well then they have also chance to go the next round.

When Morocco’s FIFA ranking is 40, Iran Ranking is 32. Iran can be awkward incident in group B any matches. Last Fifa world cup in Brazil, Iran ignite against Argentina and Messi goal at the added time and won the match for Lionel Messi magic.

GROUP C: France, Australia, Peru And Denmark

France is hot favorite in this group and known face in FIFA world cup tournament. If they play their as usual game France might be going next step in Fifa wc 2018.

If you see the current Fifa Ranking France is 9, Peru is 11 and Denmark are 12. All the three-team is close in ranking. A good game will be played in this group.

Australia is lack behind than other members of group c. But, they are in 32 teams who qualified for wc 2018. Anything will occur in here.

GROUP D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia And Nigeria

Though Iceland 1st qualify ever in world cup history. It times celebrate iceland people but, is they do it. Because their 1st match play against Argentina who is not only group favorite but the aslo hot favorite in 2018 world cup in in Russia.

After Argentina Croatia is the second favorite team in the group by the ranking. But, you can leave Nigeria in you math because Nigeria is also most regular and experienced team in FIFA tournament.

GROUP E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

After their 2014 humiliation, Brazil’s recovery has been impressive enough for many people to make them favourites for the tournament.

It could amount to a scrap between three underrated teams for a place in the knockout stages.

Serbia were the team to avoid of Pot 4. And don’t forget Costa Rica were quarter-finalists four years ago.

GROUP F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Korea Republic

Germany hardly got a mention in the immediate post-draw analysis, but that’s just the way they like it. Low-key – and usually there at the finish.

The trophy holders should be expected to reach the knockout stages without too much trouble.

Mexico and Sweden can be talked up, neither are easy opponents, but it could be an opportunity for Korea to finally perform like they did in 2002 outside of their own country.

GROUP G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

June 18 in Sochi will be an historic and wonderful day for Panama – their first ever World Cup game, against a talented Belgium team.

The two European teams will be expected to qualify from this one.

But in 1978 Tunisia became the first African team to ever win a World Cup match, and can certainly win points in this group.

GROUP H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

The last and arguably the most open of all eight groups. Senegal’s exploits in 2002 are unforgettable, and their team is strong again.

Poland earned a top seeding with a ranking of six in the world, but despite their considerable talent Colombia often struggle away from South America.

It could be an entertaining, close group in what was an intriguing draw.

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